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Brainfood February Update

29 January 2016  |  David at Brainfood Audiobooks

Feburary 2016 Update


100s of New Audiobooks in Stock




MASSIVE INCREASE in the number of Titles Offered


Since the beginning of the year we have added more than 500 titles to the shop in all formats (Audio CD, MP3 CD and Audio Cassette)

These are in addition to the normal numbers of audiobooks that we have coming in.


There has never been a better reason to keep coming back to check whether the titles you're looking for have become available.


This is just the beginning - Over the next few months this will increase to a total of well over 4000 titles




Are You Looking For Something that's Not on the Website?


Many of you have already contacted us in order to help you find audiobooks that you are looking for. It's always a pleasure to help our Customers find those very special items that they are so keen to locate.

We are not always successful, in the short term, but for many we have been able to find the special items they have been looking for.

Even when we can't help find an item immediately, we have a Request List, which is regularly reviewed and efforts made to re-confirm availability.

If you want to check with us as to the availability of any item please drop us an email and we will be delighted to help.




New Service - Audio Transfer Service


Over the years it has become clear that there is considerable frustration as to the issue of audio formats/media. Most of our audiobook listening is done with CD players and the availability of either MP3 CD players and Audio Cassette players is not as good as it might be.

For this reason, and based on the feedback from our fabulous Customers, we have started to offer an Audio Transfer Service.

Simply put, we offer the Transfer of your purchased audiobooks from one format to another including;

- Conversion from MP3 CD and Audio Cassette to Audio CD

- Conversion from Audio CD to MP3 CD

If you are interested in this Service please take a look at this -

As always, if you have any questions please drop us an email.




A New Addition to Our Homepage


After several questions from our wonderful Customers we have decided to include some information on our Homepage as to what we are listening to.

So, on the left of the Homepage you will notice that we have included 3 new headings

- We're Currently Listening to..

- We Recently Listened to..

- What's Next on Our Player

We do hope that you find this of interest.

If any of you have any more ideas please send them along - We are always delighted to help!



(This news was in our previous bulletin but we think it bears repeating)


BIG THANK YOU to All Our Wonderful Customers! 

As our way of saying thanks to you, our wonderful Customers,

we have DOUBLED all of your existing Loyalty Points!


This is not a time limited offer - we have doubled all your existing points




as of today Monday 28th December 2015 at 9 am,

every Customer, using their normal account,

will receive DOUBLE the points for every purchase ... forever!



Just a reminder for all Our Wonderful Customers


You have earnt LOYALTY POINTS!

If you used the Guest account during your purchase,

and you would like to access your loyalty points, 

please either,

create an account and we will assign your points to it


email us and we will create an account of your behalf and send you the details.


Remember to use your Loyalty Points at checkout



just our way of saying