Time to Celebrate Arthur Conan Doyle's

Sherlock Holmes!


The World's Best Detective Fiction


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Basil Rathbone

Many of us will remember Basil Rathbone's wonderfully dramatic performances on the silver screen and on the radio. His work on the Conan Doyle stories was never less than fabulously entertaining, even though the scripts often didn't adhere too closely to the original text.

Derek Jacobi

For a word for word performance there is no one better than Derek Jacobi who's pacing, atmosphere and fantastic sense of fun comes over with every sentence.

BBC Dramatisations

For the perfect dramatic performance look no further than Clive Merrison who, with Michael Williams, brings us the complete works in all their glory.

John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson and David Timson

John Gielgud's work, with Ralph Richardson, creates the dramatic tension you would expect from two brilliant classical actors.

David Timson's reading brings his beautifully clean tone to the work while still keeping all the vibrant  characterisation you could ever hope to find in these tales.

 John Telfer reads a few of the Post-Conan Doyle Sherlock stories with wonderful imagery and great flair.

The Burning Question

And we are left with one burning question...... Where are Jeremy Brett and Benedict Cumberbatch?

We can only hope that Mr Cumberbatch's magnificent voice and entrancing acting ability might be brought to bare in the near future!