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Cotillion written by Georgette Heyer performed by Phyllida Nash on CD (Unabridged)

Cotillion written by Georgette Heyer performed by Phyllida Nash on CD (Unabridged)£39.99

The three great-nephews of cantankerous Mr Penicuik know better than to ignore his summons, especially when it concerns the bestowal of his fortune. His freakish plan is that his fortune will be his step-daughter's dowry.

3 Hour Fixed Price Audio Transfer

3 Hour Fixed Price Audio Transfer£20.00

This is the fixed price £20 item to be used when ordering conversion of a sub 3 hour Audio Cassette or MP3 CD title. 


Environment and Recycling Policy

Environment and Recycling Policy - 1.0

Brainfood Audiobooks UK recognises the concern of our customers regarding the environment.

Brainfood Audiobooks UK will do it's utmost to reduce, reuse and recycle within the purview of it's impact on the environment.

We are committed to protecting the environment in all ways possible and to that end we will strive to;



use of fossil fuels, both directly and indirectly.

This includes the reduction in the use of new packing and storage materials.

This will both reduce costs to the business, and hence the price paid by the Customer, but will also reduce the quality of oil based products required for the running of the business.



In order to reduce the use of new packaging and storage materials we will endeavour, when ever possible, assuring no detriment to the quality of the product, to reduce and re-use packaging materials and to use recycled paper and other stationary whenever possible.



It is the policy of the company to implement the use of re-cycled stationary and packaging whenever possible. This must never be implemented to the detriment of the quality of the product.


If you have any questions/comments about privacy, you should email us at david@brainfoodaudiobooks.co.uk