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Time to Celebrate PD James

and her creation Adam Dalgliesh!



The World's Best Crime - Thriller Fiction


PD James, with a career that spanned well over 50 years, gave us the creations which constitute the bedrock of UK crime/thriller writing in the 20th century.

You can hear, in the reading of her autobiography, by Sheila Mitchell and June Barrie, of the year between her 77th and 78th birthday. She throws in constant references to her childhood days and other times during the Second World War. A wonderful view of this wonderful author's life. A very quiet lady, most of us will know her best for her creation of the brilliant, but flawed, Adam Dalgliesh. 

The name of one performer sticks out quite clearly as The Adam Dalgliesh - Roy Marsden.

In recent years Martin Shaw has done some excellent TV adaptations but the shear volume of Roy Marsden's work makes him the quintessential example of the character so his performances of A Mind to Murder and Cover Her Face are exactly what you would expect from Adam Dalgliesh.

When it comes to the majority of PD James unabridged works there is only one actor who figures - Michael Jayston.

With an incredible track record as a classical actor, Michael Jayston has made the audio rendition of Adam Dalgliesh his own. With nine of the books, over 106 hours of recorded performance, Michael Jayston's tone and shear energy come over in a way only he can. If you decide to tread this path then be prepared for a full day sitting. Wonderful stuff!

UPDATE March 6th 2017

We are very proud to say that we are unique in having the title Innocent Blood in stock. We do have 1 copy on CD but we have recently discovered another copy on cassette. Please be aware due to the nature of our business this situation will change!

The BBC dramatisations include such names as Neville Teller, Robin Ellis, Sian Phillips, Hugh Grant, Richard Derrington and Deborah McAndrew. Brilliantly done, as you would expect from the BBC, these performances make these complex tales much more accessible. 

And we are left with one burning question...... Where is Martin Shaw's reading of the fascinating tales?

We can only hope that Mr Shaw's magnificent voice and entrancing acting ability might be brought to bare in the near future!


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