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Loyalty Points

We at Brainfood Audiobooks UK believe that loyalty should be rewarded.

For this reason we currently offer Loyalty Points, credited to your account, for every £ spent, on products, on our site. Just to be clear, Loyalty Points do not accrue with money spent on postage.

UPDATED on February 29th 2024

Loyalty Points were normally worth 4 pennies per point but as of 29th of February 2024 all Loyalty Points are now worth 5 pennies, to be spent on products.

Your points can be used at any point, there is no time limit. You can also use them as soon as you've paid for your order.

There's no waiting around for a few weeks, they can be used straight away.

As can be seen below, in order to utilise your existing Loyalty Points you should first, add the desired items to your basket.

If you then click on the Basket icon you will see the items in your basket and, at the bottom of the page,

(just above the red Checkout button) your points balance will be shown.

If you click on the box next to the 'Use XX Points:' field this will reduce your Total charge by their value.

If you have any problems with this please email me at david@brainfoodaudiobooks.co.uk and I will be delighted to assist..

During the course of normal business there are occasions where Loyalty Points are used in 'payment' for audiobooks purchased by Brainfood Audiobooks.

In these cases the value of these points, in monetary terms, will be established at the point of issue.

If there are any subsequent adjustments to the value of these points, for example during a promotional offer, the value of these points will remain the same as the original payment and will not be multipled as would Loyalty Points accrued during normal purchases. 

If anything is unclear about Loyalty Points, please email me at david@brainfoodaudiobooks.co.uk and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.