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Brainfood Audiobooks June/July Update

10 July 2016  |  David at Brainfood Audiobooks


Welcome to Our June/July 2016 Update!


Over 1500 New Audiobooks In Stock in 2016!


Since the beginning of the year we have added more than 1500 titles to the shop in all formats

(Audio CD, MP3 CD and Audio Cassette)

There has never been a better reason to keep coming back 

to check whether the titles you're looking for have become available.

This is just the beginning - Over the rest of the year this will increase 

to a total of well over 4000 titles




Free Delivery for UK Orders over £40


When Offers become as popular as this it's only fair to make them part of our

standard service. So, from today 6th July 2016, our current offer of FREE Shipping

for UK orders of over £40 will be established until further notice!





There has Never Been a Better time to

Buy an Audio cassette player!


We at Brainfood Audiobooks know 1 thing for certain.

If you are looking for the Rare or Extremely Rare titles we have to offer then

You NEED to look at buying/pulling out an Audio Cassette Player.


The main comment we hear is that Cassette Players are very difficult to find.

As part of our service to you we have done some digging and found

that these players are still widely available

- this item is available at Argos and has good reviews and,

at 6th July 2016, is priced at £24.99 + £3.95 postage  -

(BTW We at Brainfood Audiobooks have no direct or indirect financial relationship with Argos and will receive nothing whatever if you make a purchase from them. We have only selected this company as they have reasonable products at reasonable prices and deliver to most of the UK)


Argos also have a player, at £44.99 plus £3.95 on 6th July 2016, that will play All the Audio Formats we sell 

Philips AZ127/05 Boombox with CD and Cassette Player will play Audio CDs, Audio Cassettes and MP3 CDs!

Both of the players above have good ratings from

Argos purchasers so it would be reasonable to assume that they work well.


We at Brainfood Audiobooks are priviliged to have a very astute and smart Customer base.

Tapes being "eaten"?

Many of whom tell us it would feel like a backward step to purchase a tape player.

That there are problems with tapes being "eaten" by players. This is very true but as long as a minimal amount of maintenance is done this would be much less likely to occur than the scratching of CDs and the ensuing skipping.


So why even consider buying a Tape Player?

The key issue which can not be avoided is that many recordings were never published in CD format and, with the current monopoly of Amazon/Audible in the audiobook marketplace, are very unlikely to ever make it to any form of media other than download.


 Why this is essential for those who love specific Performers

In addition, I know many of our wonderful Customers have specific Performers/Narrators that they enjoy. In these circumstances there really is no alternative other than to buy a cassette / tape player and seek out all the recordings available in the shop as many recordings created in the 80s and 90s never made it to CD.


Whatever your current favorite media type, Audio CD, MP3 CD or Audio Cassette, we wish you the very best with your quest to find your next wonderful audiobook!




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This is not a time limited offer - we have doubled all your existing points




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