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April 2016 Update

2 April 2016  |  David at Brainfood Audiobooks


Welcome to Our April 2016 Update!



Another 100 New Audiobooks In Stock!


Since the beginning of the year we have added more than 800 titles to the shop in all formats

(Audio CD, MP3 CD and Audio Cassette)

There has never been a better reason to keep coming back 

to check whether the titles you're looking for have become available.




Just take a Look at the Massive Variety

of New Books!


We have always prided ourselves on the wide variety of books we have to offer.

This months new titles are a great case in point.

From Ava Gardner's Autobiographical work to Arthur Smith's brilliant performance

of The Grumpy Old Men there is truly something for everyone!

On the "pure" Non-Fiction front we have books touching on the fascinating

Process of writing of several Great Authors and

an authoritative narrative on the death of JFK. 


This months new books will make you laugh and make you cry,

and all for the price of a good cup of coffee!




New Service for the Our Blind and

Partially Sighted Customers


We are currently in negotiations with the Royal Mail about the possibility of using the

Articles for the Blind Scheme to send our audiobooks.

We hope to be able to set this up sometime in the next few weeks.

If this service would be of interest to you we would be very grateful

if you could respond to this email indicating that this is the case.






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Another handy bookmark is here. This page has a list of the 50 most recent books in the shop!





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