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Time to Celebrate Rare and Extremely Rare Audiobooks

21 January 2016  |  David at Brainfood Audiobooks
Rare Extremely Rare


Rather like a baby Panda reared in captivity,

here we have over 100 audiobooks,

which may be available elsewhere,

but are very scarce  

(click on the Pandas to see them)


Baby Pandas reared in captivity are scarce

but baby Pandas riding blue plastic horses?

These 250+ audiobooks are, we believe,

not available anywhere else!

(click on the Panda to see them)


As part of our commitment to charitable causes we at Brainfood Audiobooks will

be donating 5p for every Customer that clicks on the pictures above!

(The count will begin at 6 am on December 25th 2015 and end on 1st February 2016)