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It's time for some Genius Audiobooks

15 September 2015  |  David at Brainfood Audiobooks

It's time for some Genius Audiobooks!

Over the next few months we will be running a survey to identify the top 10 audiobooks from both the purchases and the votes of Brainfood Audiobooks UK Customers. Looking for a ideal combination of wonderful writing and an inspired performance.

The old favorites of the BBC dramatisation of the Lord of the Rings and Richard Burton's Undermilk Wood spring to mind but there are also some jewels, though rare, they are of exceptional quality and manage to stand out in the most wonderful way. One that springs to mind is the Kenneth Williams reading of the Richmal Crompton book, Just William. A truly extraordinary experience! Martin Jarvis is well know for his excellent readings of the Just William books but Kenneth Williams reading brings the text alive in a completely different way.

There are many other books that I could mention, Perfume and Bleak House, both read by Sean Barrett, also the wonderful combination of Alan Bennett's Single Spies plays performed by the exceptional talents of Simon Callow, Brigit Forsyth, Edward Petherbridge and Prunella Scales. The incredible work of Stephen Fry on the fabulous Harry Potter books is an absolute must listen. George Orwell's 1984 read by Samuel West takes the novel to even higher levels of menace, combined with his reading of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, shows Samuel West to be a rare talent. 

I'm sure you could contribute many more to this list and the opportunity is soon to be here!