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Happy Birthday - Nigel Havers!

6 November 2015  |  David at Brainfood Audiobooks

Happy Birthday


- Nigel Havers!



Nigel Havers is 66 today, born as he was in London on this day in 1949.

His performance of his autobiography is quite simply jawdropping. Please don't buy this unless you are prepared to be shocked by the adventures of this "lady's man"! Playing with Fire sets the tone very well and, over the 2 disks, it becomes clear that Mr Havers has not always been the nice boyfriend material one might think.

Turning to Brideshead Revisited, we see Nigel Havers at his best. He brings out the wonderful sense of humour in Evelyn Waugh's text. Even this abridged version gives a great feeling of both the tone and the story of the original work. Enjoy!