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A Poetry Celebration

21 October 2015  |  David at Brainfood Audiobooks

We at Brainfood Audiobooks have a very special place in our heart's for poetry.


Poetry, perhaps more than anything else, is designed for the audio format.

The difference between a good reading and a brilliant performance is breathtaking,

though the words on the page are the same.


Can you beat the author reading their own works?


T.S. Eliot was a great poet but a great performer?

You decide.


Poetry and Lifestyle


Poetry also fits into our modern life style incredibly well. One of the arts of the poet

is to condense meaning into, in most cases, just a few sentences.

Short enough to allow the concentration needed to take you out of the moment.

Please don't listen to poetry while driving!


Our Poetry Performances


We have a wide selection for you to choose from and every one will show you

a different vision of the world.


Our particular favorites include, 



The recordings, available under the British Library label, of these poets reading their

own works, even though some of them are very short and difficult to hear, give

an extraordinary insight into their poetry and help the listener to really develop

an idea of the inner voice these poets heard when writing their poetry. 



The selection of poetry for the Diana CD set is mostly familiar but there

are so many actors included in the set this is a must have.



The final set, Catch Life by the Throat is truly the most eye-opening introduction

to poetry we have ever heard. Compiled and organised by Josephine Hart, an

exceptional author in her own right, this production, and it's subsequent book

and CD publication, titled Words the Burn, have probably done more to promote

poetry to the 21st Century public than any other single publication. Josephine Hart's

work in combining sublime poetry and exceptional acting talent makes these CDs

the most highly used media we have ever had. Not a week goes by without 

someone in the office putting them on and it is with this in mind that we have

discovered a FREE recording of one of these Poetry readings, organised by

Josephine Hart, that gives a perfect introduction into the magnificent

quality of these works.


All we ask is that, is that you complete the form below and,

without further ado, you will be taken to the site where the

performance is available to be either streamed or downloaded!

If you enjoy this then you will adore the other 2 sets.