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Beating Headaches and Migraines written by Ivo Velli performed by Ivo Velli on CD (Abridged)

Beating Headaches and Migraines written by Ivo Velli performed by Ivo Velli on CD (Abridged)
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ISBN:  9781905717057
Genre - Main:  Non-Fiction
Genre - Specific:  Self-Help
Duration:  50 mins
Length:  Abridged
Author:  Ivo Velli
Narrator 1:  Ivo Velli
Rarity:  Rare



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Almost everyone suffers a headache from time to time. Some suffer regularly, often in silence. Up to 90 per cent of the general population will report experiencing headaches at some point in their lives.

While painful and annoying, the majority of headaches do not indicate a serious disorder and in many cases may be relieved or eased significantly by hypnosis. Headache is a complex phenomenon.

Migraine is the cause of 20 per cent of all headaches. This type of headache occurs when blood vessels of the head and neck constrict, resulting in a decrease in blood flow to the vessels. Migraine is known to affect women more than men and is often chronic.

Below are just a few of the factors that have been identified as being associated with migraine: Many migraine attacks are caused by stress triggers. Some are: stress and time pressure, major losses, anger and conflict; certain smells, tobacco smoke, light glare or dazzle weather change; birth control pills, oestrogen therapy; too much, too little or interrupted sleep; hunger, fasting, specific foods or beverages; excessive activity; and certain medicines.