Rare Audiobooks on CD and Cassette

We at Brainfood Audiobooks spend 1000s of hours finding those very special audiobooks that may have been previously believed to be completely unavailable.

Rare Extremely Rare

Rather like a baby Panda reared in captivity, here we have over 3200 audiobooks on CD and Cassette which      may be available elsewhere, but are very scarce  


Baby Pandas reared in captivity are scarce but baby Pandas riding blue plastic horses? These 1700+ audiobooks on CD and Cassette are, we believe, not available anywhere else




We currently have over 3200 recordings that we have classified as Rare. This means that supply of these recordings, in the condition we have in stock, is very limited and will, in all likelihood become Extremely Rare in the near future. 

Extremely Rare

We currently have over 1700 recordings that we have classified as Extremely Rare. Extremely Rare audiobooks are books that, through our extensive research, we have found to be unavailable through any other sources in the UK. There are some books we have classified as Extremely Rare that appear to be available through a few notable sites, but are either priced at over £600 more than our price or are, in fact, other companies selling our stock to their customers.  If you take a look around you might be shocked at quite how cheap it is to buy something that is incredibly rare!

We at Brainfood Audiobooks check on the status of these audiobooks constantly, so as books are bought or books become available these sections of the shop will change. 

Good luck on your search - We hope you find the special book you previously thought was gone!