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Choked written by Tania Carver performed by Martyn Waites on CD (Abridged)

Choked written by Tania Carver performed by Martyn Waites on CD (Abridged)£3.99  -  £6.99

'I have something you've lost,' the voice said. 'Your daughter.' He will threaten her. The honeymoon is over for newlywed criminologist Marina Esposito. Her house is in flames. Her cop husband is in a coma. Her baby daughter is missing. And then her phone rings . . .

3 Hour Fixed Price Audio Transfer

3 Hour Fixed Price Audio Transfer£15.00

This is the fixed price £15 item to be used when ordering conversion of a sub 3 hour Audio Cassette or MP3 CD title. 




Our Gift Voucher Plus is a voucher that gives you Extra!


We at Brainfood Audiobooks are always looking for new ways to help our wonderful Customers. This idea came to us as a response to a card we send out with all our orders. Our thanks, and a free audiobook, go to that brilliant Customer. 


Most gift vouchers don't give you extra. The Brainfood Audiobooks Gift Voucher PLUS is different.


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Vouchers are available in 3 denominations, £10, £20 and £50. Once purchased Gift Vouchers can not be reverted back into cash.


The Brainfood Audiobooks Gift Voucher PLUS - Gives to the Giver and the Receiver!


A Brainfood Audiobooks Gift Voucher makes a lot of sense for both the Buyer and the Receiver and yes, it is possible to buy them for your own use.....