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A Mind to Murder written by P.D. James performed by Roy Marsden on CD (Unabridged)

A Mind to Murder written by P.D. James performed by Roy Marsden on CD (Unabridged)£32.99

When a woman is discovered in the basement of a psychotherapy clinic with a chisel through her heart, Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh investigates. What are the secrets hidden by the facade of the Georgian terrace? Is the killer a patient or healer? Dalgliesh uncovers a labyrinth of intrigue.

Key Choices - CD or Cassette

and Abridged or Unabridged?


For many of us there is no choice.

But, just in case there are a few who are undecided, let's take a look at audiobooks from a slightly different perspective.


Technology - CD or Cassette ?


CDs have the advantage of Portability, Compatibility with widely available players and quality of sound.

The disadvantages of CDs include the physical sensitivity to damage. Skipping can be a problem.

We currently offer a total of over 2300 audiobooks on CD!

Cassettes have the advantage of Longevity, Resistance to Damage and Sufficiently high quality sound.

The disadvantages of Cassettes include tapes can deteriorate over time, 20-30 years, and cause sound issues. Also tape players can damage perfectly good tapes due to mechanism wear.

We currently offer a total of over 1600 audiobooks on Cassette!


Abridgement - The Whole Story or The Highlights


Once you have selected your technology the next key choice is how much time do you have to listen to your book?

When every single word of the book is needed. When time is not an issue and completeness is essential then Unabridged is the only way to go!

We currently offer a over 1300 Unabridged audiobooks on CD and Over 850 Unabridged audiobooks on Cassette.

When time is of the essence. When, due to other commitments or so much to get through, it is more than enough to get the book in smaller chunks then Abridged is the way to go!

We currently offer a over 1000 Abridged audiobooks on CD and Over 720 Abridged audiobooks on Cassette.


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