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Love Song written by Nikki Gemmell performed by Caroline Lee on Audio CD (Unabridged)

Love Song written by Nikki Gemmell performed by Caroline Lee on Audio CD (Unabridged)£19.99

Love Song is the story of Lillie Bird, a woman from a locked religious community who one day finds herself in the freedom of a strange new world, England, accused of murdering a man. But it was there, in that land of cold, dark skies and scuffed and tumbling streets that she had first found the pleasure and the sadness, and the love she...

Breathing Love - Meditation in Action written by Jennie Lee performed by Jennie Lee on Audio CD (Unabridged)

Breathing Love - Meditation in Action written by Jennie Lee performed by Jennie Lee on Audio CD (Unabridged)
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ISBN:  9781721306961
Genre - Main:  Non-Fiction
Genre - Specific:  Self-Help
Duration:  343 mins
Length:  Unabridged
Author:  Jennie Lee
Performer 1:  Jennie Lee
Rarity:  Rare



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Offering hope to a world in turmoil, Breathing Love is a spiritual guide to living love as an embodied meditation practice. Uniting us in a universally understandable goal, Jennie Lee builds immediate bridges of peace by changing how we look at love; from something to be acquired and preserved, to...

something to be realized and breathed.

Active conscious loving is the basis of the meditation practices offered in Breathing Love, providing you with inner solace and a deep sense of purpose. Whether in a relationship or not, in the prime of life or nearing death, you'll be encouraged to move beyond the pain, pride, and fear that keep you from love.

Part One offers compassionate wisdom for expanding the experience of love within yourself and asks you to contemplate what might be keeping you from full capacity loving. It also explores the difference between your usual yet limited sense of self, and your unified greater Self, experienced through compassionate action and divine kindness.

Part Two asks you to consider that your truest life purpose lies in offering a more expansive, less personal love into every relationship and circumstance of daily life. It also addresses periods of self-evaluation, such as during major life transitions and near the end of life, and how you can embrace these with peaceful resolve, and leave a legacy of pure love behind. Through intimate personal stories from Jennie's own life, you'll feel deeply assured that this call to love in action is possible no matter what life presents. Using the meditative practices given in each chapter is easy, whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to meditation. Each of these creates greater spiritual intimacy within yourself and more authentic connection with others. By making life a meditation of breathing love, not only will you find yourself, but you will find all the love you ever desired.

Key Themes include: How to live fearlessly in the consciousness of love How to develop receptivity to divine love through meditation How to know and live from one's most loving self How to practice love in daily life How to integrate spirituality and physical life through conscious loving How to overcome the ego and access the soul for greater peace How to love beyond one's current limitations How to have a deeper relationship with the Source of all love How to spiritualize relationships through more unconditioned love How to experience non-personal love for all beings How to find ultimate purpose in living a love directed life Praise: "In Breathing Love, Jennie paints the picture of life beyond fear and anxiety and gives us the practical skills to make it happen. We are standing on the precipice of this new reality, and she shows us the way. 

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