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Abuse of Power written by Michael Savage performed by Peter Larkin on CD (Unabridged)

Abuse of Power written by Michael Savage performed by Peter Larkin on CD (Unabridged)
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ISBN:  9781427213747
Genre - Main:  Fiction
Genre - Specific:  Thriller
Duration:  660 mins
Length:  Unabridged
Author:  Michael Savage
Narrator 1:  Peter Larkin
Rarity:  Rare



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Former war correspondent Jack Hatfield rose to national prominence for his insightful, provocative commentary. But after being smeared as a bigot and extremist by a radical leftist media-watchdog group, his career came crashing down.

Now an obscure freelance news producer in San Francisco, Hatfield is going about his business one afternoon when, during a ride-along with the SFPD bomb squad, a seemingly routine carjacking turns deadly.

When police find several pounds of military-grade explosives in the jacked car--and the FBI urges Hatfield to look the other way--he knows he's onto his next, big story...

Soon Hatfield finds himself following a shadowy trail that will take him across the globe, from Tel Aviv to London and Paris and back again, as he works with a stunning Yemeni intelligence agent and a veteran Green Beret to expose a powerful Islamist terrorist group with a plot to rival 9/11 and whose goal is nothing less than total political control--no matter what the cost...