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Five Boys written by Mick Jackson performed by Derek Jacobi on CD (Unabridged)

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Five Boys written by Mick Jackson performed by Derek Jacobi on CD (Unabridged)
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ISBN:  9781408435922
Genre - Main:  Fiction
Genre - Specific:  Modern
Duration:  480 mins
Length:  Unabridged
Author:  Mick Jackson
Narrator 1:  Derek Jacobi
Rarity:  Extremely Rare



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When Bobby is evacuated from London to a remote Devonshire village, a strange new chapter of his life begins. Empty of its menfolk, the village is given over to the stay behinds: the women, the old and young, and five terrifying boys who accuse Bobby of being a Nazi spy.

Then, there is the enigmatic Bee King, a mysterious figure who exercises a powerful, hypnotic influence on the village, and especially the boys. As the days wind down to the D-day invasion and the Allied soldiers crash the beaches along the French coast, the villagers will enact their own drama -- a tense interplay of events that will engulf them all and ulti- mately reveal the truth about the Bee King.

Brilliantly captivating and thoroughly researched, Five Boys is the tale of the war's impact on the home front, bringing to light a lost place and time with an expert touch."

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