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A Mind to Murder written by P.D. James performed by Roy Marsden on CD (Unabridged)

A Mind to Murder written by P.D. James performed by Roy Marsden on CD (Unabridged)£32.99

When a woman is discovered in the basement of a psychotherapy clinic with a chisel through her heart, Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh investigates. What are the secrets hidden by the facade of the Georgian terrace? Is the killer a patient or healer? Dalgliesh uncovers a labyrinth of intrigue.

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Coronavirus - COVID-19

Current Status - 9 am 29/04/2020


Am I Currently Processing Orders?

Yes, I will continue to process orders as this requires

no contact whatever with anyone else and

I have none of the signs of infection.


I should mention that I do check my temperature on

a daily basis and record the result.


If this situation changes I will announce it on the homepage

of this website and adjust expectations as appropriate.



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As many of my Customers are aware I usually dispatch

all orders, placed before 3 pm, the same day.


Given the restriction in movements announced yesterday

I have had to reduce this window to 12 pm,

as this allows me to combine my travel with

my essential food shopping.


If further restrictions are introduced

I may have to start using the My Hermes Collection Service.

If this is the case I will make an announcement

as soon as it becomes necessary.


Please Continue to Check This Page

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