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Flexible Audio Transfer - Audio Cassette/MP3 CD to Audio CD

Flexible Audio Transfer - Audio Cassette/MP3 CD to Audio CD
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Duration:  60 mins



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Flexible Audio Transfer Service

How it Works

If you have spotted an audiobook that you want but we only have it in a format that you can not use, we have an additional service we can offer.

If you would like us to transfer the format, provide you with an item in Audio CD (when the item we have available is only in Audio Cassette format) we will transfer your audiobook for a fee of 1 pound per hour (plus a 9 pound set-up fee for each title)

An Example of How it Works

Say you spot an audiobook we have listed on audio-cassette but you need it on Audio CD. Or you want a book only available on MP3 CD transferred to Audio CD, all you need to do is

1 - Buy the book in the existing format.

2 - Buy the Transfer service for the number of hours you require. The 9 pounds setup fee per title is included already. The durations of each audiobook are indicted in each audiobook's detail page. Please email us if you have any difficulties with this.

3 - Go to Checkout and pay for the item and the transfer.

Audio Quality

If We are transferring audio from Audio Cassettes to a Digital media, CD or MP3 CD, there will almost always be a deterioration in sound quality. The recordings we make are from the original tapes purchased and so can suffer with the issues tapes occasionally display. Please be aware we do our best but there is nothing we can do about removing some of these sound anomalies.

Most transfers can be processed within 48 hours, so please understand that our normal next day service might not happen in these cases.

As always, if anything is unclear please get back to us, we're always happy to help!